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In addition to removing trees and pruning in the Portland area, we also offer many additional services to help you maintain your trees, keeping them healthy and happy for years to come. Read below to see what we can
do for you.
Ed’s Arbor Care is a friend to all trees: big or small, short or tall, young or old, pine needles or thick leaves. We believe that our oxygen providing friends deserve a long-lasted, healthy life, and tree restoration can help accomplish this “long-lived”goal. If you know of a tree that’s overgrown, lost its vigor, or has any other noticeable problems, it might just need a little bit of tree restoration. 

Deadwooding is the practice of removing dead tree limbs from a living tree. At its core, deadwooding lessens the likelihood of trees becoming too weak and toppling over on nearby property, vehicles, or people. A more subtle effect is the improved health of a living tree. Since dead branches are entry points for infections and disease to the tree, deadwooding increases health, vigor, and safety of any tree that it’s performed on.
Canopy Cleanout
A canopy cleanout is pretty similar to deadwooding, but only a little more thorough. After a tree has had a lot of time to grow and mature freely without any kind of interference, you may very well find them to have dead, broken, or criss-crossed limbs. All of these present dangers to the tree and others, so a routine canopy cleanout becomes necessary. Also, thinning out the canopy of a tree reduces its wind resistance, which makes it less likely to topple over in high level storms.
Power Line Clearing
Sometimes the danger of a tree falling is nothing compared to the risk of a power line accident. Trees and power lines have been mortal enemies since ancient times, and it’s our job at Ed’s Arbor Care to keep the peace so you and your family don’t get caught in a crossfire. When you feel concerned with the proximity of a tree to a power line, it’s time to call us in so we can assess the situation… and then fix it!
Brace & Cable Systems
Brace rods and cable support systems are, simply put, made to support trees. More often than not, they are used on multi-trunk or multi-top trees. These trees have a much more weight, and tend to be a little more rickety. Installing support systems ensures that they will not be a danger to themselves or anyone around them.
Tree Diagnosis
Diagnosing the problems of a tree is the first step to fixing the problems of a tree. If you think there might be something wrong with a tree in or near your land, you may very well be right. Tree diagnosis is a very important step in the process of arbor care. Pruning or removing a tree you think has a problem, but may very well be perfectly healthy, isn’t exactly a good way to spend your time or money!
Preparing a tree for the wintery season is called “Tree Winterizing”. Many trees fail to grow back or fully rejuvenate the spring following a harsh winter. Trees have several ways they can warn themselves, and thereby try and ready themselves for a coming winter. Unfortunately, their own personal mechanisms aren’t always enough. If you care about your trees, or are just a friend to trees, it might be a good idea to call us in to get them ready for the cold season!
Deep Root Fertilization
Deep root fertilization is a method of improving several factors of the root zone around a tree. By performing some special work on the root zone around trees, it’s possible to dramatically increase the nutrient levels of the soil, as well as do many other things.
Planting / Transplanting
If you need a tree, hedge, shrub, or other woody plant “installed” somewhere on your property, then Ed’s Arbor Care is ready to do an up-scale job for a low-scale price. We can also transplant (or “move”) plants that are already in the ground.



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